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Iain Clifford founder MATRIXFREEDOM

"I’m building the world’s biggest freedom community Why?

because I am worried about the digital Concentration Camp that threatens our remaining freedoms
I have built the first part of the freedom solution by facilitating our members financial abundance
Now I want you to help me with the infrastructure for the second phase of the freedom solution
I want your help to build the infrastructure for our independent community
Will you help me?”

MATRIXFREEDOM Conference short video

Freedom Conference
Play Video about Freedom Conference

If you’re not worried about losing your remaining freedoms and want to be watched and controlled by big brother – switch this video off now

If you’re still watching, it must be because you want a freedom lifestyle

I am Iain Clifford, and I am building the world’s biggest freedom community

I’d love you to come to our next freedom conference as I want your help; to find out what I want from you, watch my freedom conference video for more details

MATRIXFREEDOM Conference full video

Play Video about My Freedom Conference

Phase one of the conference

I review the four problems facing us right now:

  1. we are operating as debtor enslaved people in a human tax farm
  1. the digital Concentration Camp that threatens our remaining freedoms and
  1. the illusion of wealth and asset ownership and
  1. the poisons in the air, the poisons in the water, the poisons in the food, the 5G radiation, the surveillance camaras etc

I review the MATRIXFREEDOM Financial Abundance program

Step 1

Replace the state as the head honcho of your Strawman Cestui Qui Vie Trust

Step 2

Transfer your existing assets and record new in a Private Trust

Step 3

Recoup your abandoned securities into your Private Trust, meaning your BACS, debit and credit card payments, your loans and mortgages

Step 4

Create new securities and recoup them into your Private Trust to buy a house, buy a car and buy goods and services

Step 5

Now you are financially abundant, follow your dream and use your talents free from the rat race. Operate in commerce with other MATRIXFREEDOM members and vendors via our independent community and infrastructure

The program enables you to create substantial wealth easily, convert it into real tangible assets and shelter your assets away from state control

Becoming financially abundant makes the next stage of your freedom plan possible

Phase two of the conference

MATRIXFREEDOM MARKETPLACE (MM) vendors present their freedom technology infrastructure and how it is made available to our community

You will hear presentations from MM Vendors that provide independent:

  • energy solution
  • internet solutions
  • substance backed currency
  • communication systems
  • clean water solutions
  • natural food solutions
  • natural health solutions
  • travel solutions

Phase three of the conference

I review our plans to create a worldwide network of territories for members that want to move away from the control agenda environment and live in total freedom

Phase four of the conference

Is your opportunity to ask me questions

Phase five of the conference

This is your opportunity to meet and network with other MATRIXFREEDOM members To find out what I want from you and how you can qualify to attend the conference, book your place on this webinar


Date - To be confirmed

Agenda to follow including start and finish times.

12 noon to 12.30 – Registration and Networking with refreshments (Self-serve)

12.45 to 12.59 – Guests to start taking their seats

13.00 to 13.30 – Welcome and Review the Four Problems

Speaker, Iain Clifford – Founder of MATRIXFREEDOM


Vendors to present their Freedom Technologies

15.15 to 15.30 – Quick Tea & Coffee break then back to seats


Presentation  3 – John Gordon on water from the atmosphere
Presentation  4 – David J. Selmal – Moki Green on Natural Health Solutions – Chlorine Dioxide (CLOE) and Colloidal Silver

16.30 to 17.00 – Questions & Answer Session with Iain Clifford and MM Vendors

17.00 to 17.30 – Networking Opportunity – Time Permitting

I need your help to Build the World’s Biggest Independent Freedom Community - MATRIXFREEDOM

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